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Aged 45 years old Baz Gray achieved some impressive achievements during his R3 Challenge:  becoming the first person to reach the South Pole Solo behind Colin O’Brady and Lou Rudd who both went on the complete the first solo continent crossings, a challenge Baz is aiming to do later this year with this current challenge considered a warm up exercise. In a season of very harsh and unusual climatic conditions,  this challenge had it all. During exposure to such horrendous and dangerous conditions during a solo and unsupported challenge Baz’s SATcase satellite communications device literally became his lifeline to the outside world and he used it to make regular check in with ALE (Antarctic Logistics Expeditions) who were tracking his progress and to speak to his family and friends back home during the festive period.

Baz explains: “As well as becoming the first person to achieve the solo South Pole from Hercules Inlet during the time I was out there, I have also become the first person to conduct the most extreme field test of an exciting new satellite communications device that uses advanced technology to transform my iPhone into a satellite phone and SOS device. This transformation is an industry first and paves the way for future expeditions and adventurers to utilise this ground-breaking device that will operate at temperatures between -20 and +55 degrees Celsius and provides a critical life-saving SOS function. It also eliminates the need to carry multiple devices because the device operates via an app on your smartphone which allows many uses.”

Trevor Parker, also a former Royal Marines Commando and Director at SATcase where Baz works said: “Completing Challenge Antarctica is a fantastic achievement and we are all very proud of Baz. The weather conditions were tough, but he battled on. He never gave in to the relentless Antarctic weather and showed his true ‘Royal’ grit and he is the embodiment of the SATcase team ethos of being resilient, reliable and ruggedised. As Baz has mentioned it’s an industry first to conduct a field test a satellite communications device in such an extreme environment, if it works here it will work anywhere. Our extensive research highlighted to us that clear voice communication and reliability are a high priority for users of satellite communication handsets throughout the world and our voice calls with Baz Gray were crystal clear. SATcase has been specifically built as a lifeline for people operating in remote locations and harsh environments.”

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