Supporting Charities

The SATcase R3 Challenge has been launched to raise awareness about the importance of communication and what can be achieved when your usual forms of communication are not available. SATcase is delighted to be working with the below organisations to raise awareness and valuable fundraising. Please follow this link to make a donation.

Our chosen charitable partner is the Royal Marines Commandos who demonstrate the R3 ethos of being Resilient, Reliable and Ruggedised on a global scale, 365 days of the year.

Royal Marines have always been the first to understand, first to adapt and respond and the first to overcome – that’s the Commando Mindset but today Royal Marines and their families are fighting battles they cannot win alone. We are the Royal Marines’ own Charity and are uniquely placed to understand, respond and react, enabling Marines and their families to overcome their challenges including life changing injury, life limiting illness, mental disability, transition to civilian life and even poverty.


Royal Marines and their families supported through life.


To raise resource and provide the best possible through life charitable support for Royal Marines, veterans and their families.

Children’s Mental Health Foundation

We are also delighted to support the Children’s Mental Health Foundation who we are working with to inspire children suffering from mental health issues suffered due to Forces life to become actively involved in adventure and expeditions. By encouraging children to participate in this way and learn more about the environment, the Foundation aims to help them feel more comfortable about talking about their experiences and concerns.

Environment and Preservation

The environment and preservation for the future generation is another important focus for the SATcase R3 Challenge team. SATcase’s Baz Gray is proud to work with explorer and environmental scientist Tim Jarvis in a high profile environmental campaign called 25zero which involves chasing the remaining glaciers and to showcase their beauty in a new documentary series. Baz also works with schools across the UK to encourage the future generation to be passionate about the natural world and introduce them to the SATcase R3 Challenge.