Why You Need A Satellite Telephone

With the success of mobile phone technology, researchers believed that satellite telephone systems could provide phone access to areas of the world where the terrestrial network cannot reach. As a result of this, the satellite telephone was conceived and set up. The major satellite telephone systems in the world are Globalstar, Iridium and Thuraya. Satellite telephones allow people to communicate in different parts of the world even in areas where the cell towers cannot reach. With the changes in the technology satellite cell phone have changed from the large phones with the antenna to smartphones that you can use to communicate with no glitch.

Relay of information
The satellites are able to ensure communication takes place from one location to another on the planet through seams, and they can also communicate with other satellites. This technique is essential because it aids in handovers and communication cannot be out of range. The existence of downlinks makes re-routing of calls possible and your call can be moved through traffic directly through space with no downlink. Iridium has fewer downlinks and a considerable degree of complexity which is why it covers the whole globe. On the other hand, Globalstar has satellite systems that reduce complexity by increasing the number of satellites inclined to reduce the time of orbit. Connectivity can be provided even in areas where ground stations cannot be set.

A reliable global communication system
With a satellite telephone or Satphone, you can connect directly to orbiting satellites instead of the orbiting terrestrial cell sites. The satellite telephones provide the same function as the traditional phones in that you can call, message, send an email or browse the internet with it. Depending on the system, coverage and the bandwidth that you want you can choose a plan that will suit your needs. The mobile equipment selected normally called terminal varies widely, and this will determine the ability of the mobile to access the internet.

Earlier satellite telephones were large with visible antennas, and some had retractable antennas. However, technology has advanced, and you can use your smartphone as a satellite phone. A satellite telephone is popular in areas where terrestrial cellular service is unavailable, and you can communicate throughout the globe with ease. The common forms of connection that you can use to access the internet using the satellite phone is VSAT and BGAN, and their reception is quite fair when compared to their predecessors. You can get a plan from your local carrier and choose the call, SMS and internet rates that will suit your needs.

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