Satellite Smartphone – Communicate Anywhere Around The Globe

The modern satellite smartphone is a wonder in technological advances because it combines a user-friendly interface with carrier network that allows you to make calls and send messages across the globe. However, regular smartphones can fail in many areas where cell towers have little or no coverage. It is here that a satellite smartphone comes into play. A satellite coverage allows you to communicate throughout the world even in remote areas where carrier networks cannot access. Believe it or not, you can convert your Android or iPhone smartphone into a satellite smartphone.

Changing a Regular Smartphone into a Satellite Smartphone
You can change your current smartphone into a satellite smartphone with a SATcase. This is the latest technology that has all the satellite functionalities for instant messaging, emails, SMS, calls and internet connection. All you have to do is to slide the sleeve onto your existing smartphone, and you are good to go. Moreover, it has a security button that you can dial whenever you are in need of help. The SOS button will call a predetermined number, and you can access help. The SATcase sleeves are compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.

The cost of the satellite smartphone will depend on the carrier that you have chosen and the coverage of what you need. Switching operating systems is not the answer to your network problems. All you have to do is to transform your smartphone into a satellite smartphone.

Worldwide coverage
Being out of the cellphone network is not a problem anymore when you have a satellite smartphone. With this phone, there are no dead spots or areas not covered by cell towers. A universal sleeve is compatible with any smartphone, and you can choose a plan that will suit your needs. In addition to the internet connection that the phone comes with you can connect to a satellite internet connection through the platforms.

The SATcase features a rechargeable battery which extends the battery life of your satellite smartphone and you can take advantage of the solar charge in areas without power. It is known for having the most efficient and reliable satellite coverage which covers the entire globe and with the latest technology in place you are sure to communicate anywhere in the world. Besides, the technology allows the user to receive a call notification even when the antenna is stowed, and you are connected throughout the day. The changeable adapters allow you to switch smartphones and you can document your journey, trip or expedition across the world.

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