Satellite Mobile Phone – Taking Global Communication A Notch Higher

A satellite mobile phone is simply a mobile handset with satellite network capabilities and can send and receive calls and messages via the satellites orbiting the earth. Standard mobile phones coverage is usually provided by cell towers. The quality of the calls, messages and internet connection is affected by the strength of the signal from the cell tower. The stronger the signal, the stronger the connection and vice versa. However, when it comes to satellite mobile phones, their strength is not affected by terrestrial communication. Some satellite mobile phones use satellites that are geostationary or those which are located at the equator. This kind of systems can maintain a clear and continuous communication coverage throughout the planet.

The amount of bandwidth that is available to satellite mobile phones is higher than those on the lower earth orbit, and they provide active portable satellite internet via laptop-sized terminals. Inmarsat is one of the oldest companies that provided communication installation for large ships but has joined the handheld phones venture. The coverage is across most parts of the world except the Polar Regions. Thuraya, on the other hand, covers Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Satellite mobile phones are built for a particular purpose and cannot be switched from one network to another. The pricing of the handheld device will differ based on the performance, quality of the calls and the plan chosen by the subscriber. BGAN terminals offer broadband connectivity, and you can communicate anywhere in the world using your satellite mobile phone. Since most of the satellite mobile phones are manufactured and contracted to the OEMs, they have control over their pricing.

Global network coverage
Most of us have found ourselves in a remote location where you cannot make a call, or you do not have an internet connection. At this point, you can avoid this by purchasing a mobile satellite phone, the satellite mobile phone does use regular cell towers, but instead, and they utilise satellite. As long as you have a view of the sky, you will be able to communicate clearly and effectively. A typical satellite travels at 17000 miles an hour, it sends 48 coverage beams, and each beam has a diameter of 250 miles. Iridium network has 66 satellites in the polar orbit which infers that they move from south to north in a clockwise direction. This increases the area covered.

Made with consumer needs in mind the iPhone screen and SatSleeve will allow optimal visibility even in bright sunlight and it automatically adjusts the display. When your phone is switched off, you can press the SOS button, and you can receive help. Moreover, you can receive and make calls anywhere as long as you have a charge on your satellite mobile phone. Choosing a plan is essential because it will determine your monthly costs.

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