SATcase: The ultimate modern day survival tool

Why carry more? 

We’ve all been there, out in the field carrying a separate device to cover each individual safety need. Lugging around each piece of kit because quite simply, you can’t do without it. Frankly, it seemed unnecessary to us, which is why we made it our mission to combine everything into one.


You might have read about our design story and the challenges we faced to make sure the SATcase design was exactly how it should be. Above all else, we wanted to make sure that the SATcase was fit for any purpose in any situation, ultimately, you never know what you might encounter out there. For example, It’s easy assume you won’t need a search and rescue beacon; until disaster strikes.


Experience tells us there are 5 bits of essential kit…


Satellite Phone: When mobile coverage ends, you need to know that you can communicate with your team back at base. Whether you are on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean or in a Jungle in South America, communication is an absolutely must. Read more about Iridium here.


GPS: It goes without saving, you need need to know whereabouts you are. If you have taken a wrong turn and gone off track, SATcase can help you locate your bearings and focus on the task at hand.


Online Track and Trace: Often working in a team means relying on each other and knowing the pinpoint location of your colleagues. Whether you’re back at base and keeping tabs on the team in the field or have lost a team member and need to hike to their location, being able to track your SATcase is fundamental.


Two Way Search and Rescue: SATcase has to offer peace of mind to it’s users. Not the kind you get from a cup of tea and a cuddle. The kind that reassures you no matter how badly you have gone off piste or how dire the situation may be, you will be found. So we worked with GEOS, the world leaders in search and rescue to make sure that you could be located and then communicate with the rescue team en-route to your location.


LED flashlight & Infrared strobe light: Let’s go back to basics, we all need a flashlight, no matter how great we think we are in the dark. Being able to see in tough situations is fundamental to staying alive.

If the worst happens and we’re lost, it’s standard practice for search and rescue teams to use infrared cameras in their search. The advantages of being able to signal via infrared then are obvious.