SATcase and your smartphone

Why did we create SATcase?

Satellite Phones can often be a bit of a pain. They become another bit of kit to carry around with you which can’t be used for anything other than the sole purpose it’s designed for. In this day and age, we all have our smartphones with us at all times which are capable of so much more!

That’s why we designed SATcase. To work with your smartphone, be genuinely useful and versatile. SATcase will fit most big brand devices such as Apple and Samsung so you or your group can plug into the device whenever you need.

Plug and play


Download the app, plug your smartphone in and off you go. It’s so simple we don’t need to explain anymore than that. So we won’t.

All of your usual survival devices, in one.


SATcase was born out of frustration with the sheer amount of kit we used to have to carry around with us in the field. That’s why we built these features into SATcase:

  • GPS
  • Two Way Search and Rescue tracking
  • Satellite phone
  • LED flashlight/strobe light
  • Online Track and Trace

Read More about each feature here.

Easy to use interface, so that anyone can use it.


SATcase is designed to work for anyone that needs a device they can rely on in the harshest of conditions, not the for the few that know how to operate it. For that reason, we designed hardware to fit with most smartphones and software which can be used by technical novices.

Plug your smartphone in, open the app and use your smartphone as normal. It really is that easy.