SATcase features on ITV West Country

Big thank you to ITV West Country who featured Baz Gray on their news programme last night to talk about Challenge Antarctica and SATcase

The presenters asked Baz about his calorie intake and he consumed 6,500 calories each day during the Challenge and burnt off about 10,000 during this challenge. Baz pulled all his equipment on his pulk which weighed 88kg across over 715 miles of snow and ice with temperatures down to -20C. Every day he consumed packets of freeze-dried food. He celebrated Christmas Day and New Year by calling his wife Claire and daughter Mia and friends using his SATcase satellite phone.

Baz explained on West Country News that the kit he  used during Challenge Antarctica played a crucial role especially during the harsh conditions and it is a first for an expedition of this magnitude to conduct the final field test of a satellite communication device in such an extreme environment.

Baz explained: “It is the kit that keeps you alive when the serious Antarctic weather wants to hit you with all she has got, and I certainly experienced some very rough conditions with white outs and howling blizzards. It’s not just about having the right kit though, it’s also ensuring you know how to use it and as mentioned having the mental strength to continue. I tested every item to ensure I was happy and have been delighted to test out a new piece of kit for SATcase which became my trusted piece of equipment that I used every day to communicate with ALE (Antarctic Logistics Expeditions) and my family back home via data and voice calls. This is an innovative new communication device which is ruggedised so can withstand extreme weather conditions. The ruggedised nature of the device is what makes it unique because it can be dropped and even immersed in water and will still work.”

Baz also went on to explain he was inspired to undertake the challenge to raise awareness for former colleagues and all the brave men and women in the armed forces; raising funds for The Royal Marines Charity. He is also a trustee of the charity The Baton and carried a Baton on his pulk throughout the challenge that represents the national conscience. The Baton carries a message of gratitude from those who wish to support the brave men and women of our armed forces who have and do risk their lives so that we may live with freedom of choice, peace and safety. In the darkest days of harsh weather conditions and extreme fatigue it was looking at The Baton that drove Baz on to continue.

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