Why You Should Consider Getting a Sat Phone

A sat phone is one of the things that you should not miss out in your emergency toolbox. This is because it will function even when the regular cellular networks are inaccessible. Unlike the cellular phone which transmits signals via land-based satellite communication, sat phone transmit signals from satellites orbiting the earth. And the fact that the sat phone signals are transmitted above the earth makes them suitable for remote or isolated areas.

For Emergency Use

Sat phones such as iridium 9575 are preferred for emergency use. For instance, in the occurrence of a hurricane, the regular cell signals will most likely go down in which case the Sat phone will come in handy. Even better, a wide variety of Sat phone in the market come with prepaid sim cards. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you can seek help or contact anyone around the world without having to frequently top up.

Ease of Use

Although the satellite phone uses advanced technology, you don’t have to know rocket science to use it. Most of the features of the mobile satellite networks have been designed to provide as much convenience as a regular phone. These phones do not need consistent charging as they have longer battery life.

Reliable Data Services

With sat phones, you can still access data services. Most of these phones have a two-way SMS capability as well as allows you to send short emails. The modern versions have an antenna adapter that enables you to connect the sate phone to an external antenna. This could also be used to create a hot-spot to access the internet.

Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions

Regardless of the weather condition, Sat phones are designed in such a way that the harsh weather does not impede the line of sight to the satellite(s). With the iridium 9575, the phone will remain functional in a temperature range of -10 °C to +55 °C. Users of iridium are also more advantaged since the Iridium LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) constellation compromises of 66 satellites which orbit the earth meaning that with this type of phone, you will have a line of sight to more than one satellite at any given time.

Since these phones are quite expensive, you have an option to either buy or rent. If you need one for a limited basis, then the rental plan is recommendable. However, considering the convenience and reliability of satellite phones and devices such as SATcase it would be a great idea to have one in your home or when traveling to a remote area. Similar to the case where Regimental Sergeant Major, Barry Gray plans to partner with SATcase in The Challenge Antarctica project, it is evident that sat devices come in handy when you are traveling to a deserted region.

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