Patrons & Ambassadors

“It’s a very welcome and significant boost to our fundraising programme and to the prestige of Challenge Antarctica, that three highly respected members of the community are endorsing the Expedition. We are proud that Alexandra Shackleton is our Patron and that Tim Jarvis and Lt General E Davis are Ambassadors”

Alexandra Shackleton

“My grandfather, Ernest Shackleton died long before I was born, but the great interest in him has taken me to speak in a dozen countries – and to visit Antarctica five times. Why the interest in an explorer of a century ago? That is easily answered – his leadership.[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] Now I am a Vice Patron of the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust and President of the James Caird Society (effectively the Ernest Shackleton Society). I am also much involved with the Falkland Islands and with South Georgia. I have broadcast, opened exhibitions, been a consultant, and been Patron of several Expeditions including the 2013 Shackleton Epic Expedition when I met Barry Gray. He much impressed me with his talent and professionalism; and I am sure that his latest Expedition, the exciting ‘Challenge Antarctica‘ will again make me a very proud Patron.” Alexandra Shackleton[/read]

Lieutenant General Ed Davis – CB CBE KStJ

“I am delighted, honoured and proud to be an Ambassador for Baz Gray’s Challenge Antarctica. Delighted, honoured and proud because this Challenge epitomises one Royal Marine’s selfless spirit, ambition and steel to take on adversity to the benefit of others. It is also a Challenge that epitomises the Royal Marines’ decisive belief that overcoming adversity is a state of mind.[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] A belief I salute, and a belief I am honoured to champion. I know Baz’s state of mind will overcome Challenge Antarctica.” Lieutenant General Ed Davis was born in Hereford, England, and educated at Coleraine Academical Institution, Northern Ireland.  He was commissioned into the Royal Marines on 17th  September 1981 and spent his early years in the Corps at regimental duty in the United Kingdom, the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, Norway and Belize.  He commanded the Special Boat Service from 2002-2004, this included Operation TELIC 1 in Iraq, and subsequently commanded 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines from 2010-2011 during which he deployed to Afghanistan as Commander Task Force Helmand on Operation HERRICK 14. He was appointed the 63rd Commandant General Royal Marines and Commander United Kingdom Amphibious Forces in December 2011. Senior staff appointments include two years as the Director of Equipment Capability (Special Projects) in the Ministry of Defence, an operational tour to Afghanistan as Chief of Joint Effects in NATO’s Headquarters International Security Assistance Force and two years as the Chief of Staff of Headquarters UK Special Forces.  His staff training includes the Army Command and Staff Course in 1996, the Higher Command and Staff Course in 2009 and the United States Marine Corps’ General Officer Warfare Programme in 2010. He was appointed MBE in 1996, OBE in 2005, an officer in the United States Legion of Merit in 2011, CBE in 2012, CB in 2014 and KStJ in 2016. Document1 Lieutenant General Davis was appointed to NATO Land Command Headquarters in Izmir, Turkey, as the Deputy Commander in July 2014 where he served until January 2016.  He was then selected as the 67th Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Gibraltar.  He left the Naval Service and transferred to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 10th May 2016. He is married to Lorraine and his interests include enjoying the countryside and gardening.[/read]

Tim Jarvis

Tim Jarvis AM (born May 1966) is an Environmental Explorer, adventurer, author and documentary filmmaker, with Masters qualifications in environmental science and environmental law. His environmental work is mainly focused on sustainable aid provision in developing countries and improving corporate environmental sustainability, as well as ‘significant project’ management through his project 25zero, which uses equatorial glacial melt as an indicator of global climate change. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] Jarvis says he is “committed to finding pragmatic solutions to global environmental sustainability issues”, and as a public speaker, he talks regularly about motivation and leadership to both individuals and organisations. On 20 November 2014, Jarvis was announced as WWF-Australia Global Ambassador. In November 2016, global adventure-wear brand Kathmandu (company), announced Jarvis as their global brand ambassador. Tim Jarvis is widely considered one of the world’s leading speakers, and currently also works as a Senior Associate – Sustainability to global engineering solutions firm Arup, and has also advised the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank on multilateral aid projects. He is best known for his numerous Antarctic expeditions, particularly the period recreations of historical treks by Sir Douglas Mawson and Sir Ernest Shackleton, as well as his record-breaking Antarctic crossing in 1999, undertaken with fellow Australian explorer Peter Treseder. As a result, he is the joint record holder for the fastest unsupported journey to the Geographic South Pole from the true edge of Antarctica (where the ice of the continent meets the sea). He holds dual Australian/UK citizenships and spends his time primarily in Australia, with visits to the UK, the Americas, and Africa, for business and exploration-based activities and public engagements. In April 2007 Tim Jarvis completed an expedition in Antarctica where he attempted to recreate the amazing expedition and human feat of Sir Douglas Mawson. Jarvis walked close to 500 km pulling a sleigh full of supplies and living on almost the same rations as Mawson himself. Jarvis wanted to find out if the story of Mawson was physically possible. At the end of the expedition Jarvis said, “I haven’t really done what Mawson did because I have doctors checking my situation, a film crew following me and a number of other safety precautions. Mawson had none of that.” The 2008 film of the expedition is available on DVD, Mawson – Life and Death In Antarctica. The summary reads, “Combining the drama of Jarvis’ contemporary adventure with chilling dramatic reconstructions, expert commentary and footage from the original expedition photographed by Frank Hurley, this is an extraordinary story of human survival.” Tim is also author of a book of the same name (Melbourne University Press, 2008 (ISBN 978-0-522-85486-2). In February 2013 Jarvis and five others (including Baz Gray) successfully recreated Sir Ernest Shackleton‘s epic crossing of the Southern Ocean in the Alexandra Shackleton, a replica of the James Caird. Using the same materials, clothing, food and a Thomas Mercer chronometer as in the original voyage, Jarvis and the team sailed their replica James Caird from Elephant Island, in the Southern Ocean, to South Georgia, just as Shackleton did in 1916. The sea voyage was followed by a trek across the mountainous interior of South Georgia to the historic whaling station of Stromness. The construction of the replica James Caird was started in June 2008 and was finished in 2010, and was officially launched on 18 March 2012 in Dorset, England. The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton is patron of the expedition. The project, led by Jarvis, was the first to successfully recreate the ‘double’ voyage using only period gear. Jarvis was awarded the Royal Institute of Navigation’s Certificate of Achievement, in recognition of his leadership of the Shackleton Epic Expedition Team. A documentary of the epic crossing has been made and Shackleton: Death or Glory went to air in the UK in September 2013 on Discovery UK and Australia in November 2013 on Special Broadcasting Service Australia; titled Chasing Shackleton for the USA market, it went to air in that region in January 2014 on the Public Broadcasting Service. A book authored by Tim titled Shackleton’s Epic, Recreating the World’s Greatest Journey of Survival, published by Harper Collins, went on sale in the UK and Australia in November 2013; titled Chasing Shackleton, Recreating the World’s Greatest Journey of Survival for the USA market, it went on sale in January 2014 in the USA. ISBN 978-0-00-754952-8[/read]