Day eight – First week done!

      Antarctica’s harsh terrain and unforgiving climate continues to test Baz Gray as he enters the second week of his R3 Challenge: Challenge Antarctica. Day eight starts and finishes with the return of zero visibility and strong winds … Read More

Day seven – The lights are on!

    Today has been the toughest day yet with soft snow conditions continuing to test Baz’s strength and resilience. Pulling the pulk is proving to be extremely difficult but Baz is battling on. He has covered 10.5 nautical miles … Read More

Day six – Steady pace

Day six – Steady pace The weather has been consistent for Baz since the start of this challenge and day six started much the same with poor conditions. The first half of the day was a whiteout with soft snow … Read More

Day five – Battling on

Day five – Battling on Baz Gray continues to face gruelling weather conditions in Antarctica. His 10.5 hours of effort on the snow have clocked up an impressive 11 nautical miles at the end of day five. Conditions remain testing … Read More

Day four whiteout returns

  Day four Challenge Antarctica: Whiteout returns! Whiteout conditions return, making visibility poor. It is tough with the pulk – the sheer weight of it and trying to move it has been made harder with soft snow conditions; giving our … Read More

Hard Going Day Three

                                                    Challenge Antarctica Day three started with poor weather in the morning with harsh winds … Read More

Challenge Antarctica end of day two

  Day two 30th November End of day two of Challenge Antarctica and Baz Gray is feeling good with high morale and a good distance covered of 25 nautical miles. His body is good, moving well and all in working … Read More

Day two Challenge Antarctica

  30th November Despite a very windy start Baz has made great headway on day one of his SATcase R3 Challenge Challenge Antarctica, covering over 20k. He has commenced day two of Challenge Antarctica at 11.07 GMT. Baz and SATCase’s … Read More

Challenge Antarctica commences

  29th November Challenge Antarctica is on! Baz Gray has arrived safely at the edge of the frozen Antarctic continent at his starting point at Hercules Inlet. He called the UK using SATcase to confirm his safe arrival. Hercules Inlet … Read More

Hoping to depart for Hercules Inlet

All is good at Union Glacier. Baz is in good spirits and is in the hands of the weather as he waits for a clear weather window. When he gets the green light Baz will fly to Hercules Inlet to … Read More