Day 36 – 89 Degrees South

Day 36 Challenge Antarctica An amazing milestone passed today reaching 89 degrees South, the last degree before the South Pole. Location co-ordinates S 89.00.029 W 081.50.803. Conditions haven’t been great today with poor visibility. Despite not being able to see … Read More

Day 35 – Dig Deep

Day 35 – Location 88.39.000 W082.40.364. Fantastic day weather wise but extremely cold. However, the relentless pushing through the snow is really taking its toll on Baz’s physical well being and he’s still feeling very fatigued. His R3 resilience is … Read More

Day 34 – Toughing it out

Fatigue has really kicked in today and it’s been a real struggle on day 34 of Challenge Antarctica. The legs are really feeling the pain but despite this Baz has gritted his teeth and achieved 16 very tough nautical miles … Read More

Day 33 – New Year

No spectacular firework displays or party celebrations for Baz in Antarctica on New Year’s Eve but the last day of 2018 has been an excellent day. 20.3 nautical miles in 13.5 hours and he has traversed the worst of the … Read More

Day 32 – Keeping in touch

Clear voice communication and reliability are a high priority for users of satellite communication handsets throughout the world and our voice calls with Baz Gray in Antarctica are crystal clear. Baz will be using SATcase to keep in touch with … Read More

Day 31 – Battling Sastrugi

Today’s story on day 31 of Challenge Antarctica is all about sastrugi and low visibility. Sastrugi are these waves of frozen snow and Baz has battled through it pretty much all day. Most of the day was good weather but … Read More

Day 30- Climbing

  20 nautical miles covered on Day 30 of Challenge Antarctica in 12 solid hours. Baz has now passed over the 87 degree line with co-ordinates at the end of the day S 87.03.417 W 081.53.358. Another good weather day … Read More

Day 29 – Edging nearer to the South Pole

  Another solid 19 nautical miles covered in 12 hours. With the firmer conditions Baz is really picking up pace and morale is high as he pushes on. Hoping to hit the 87 degree line tomorrow which is notorious for … Read More

Day 28- Boxing Day

 Pushing hard Hope you all had a good Boxing Day! Over in Antarctica there was great visibility and temperatures very cold down to -20. Baz has really pushed on over the Christmas period, aided by the firmer snow conditions underfoot … Read More

Day 27 – Christmas Day

Christmas Day in Antarctica started with voice calls back home to Claire and Mia. Another degree line passed co-ordinates 86.05.442 W 081.22.038. Great day with good visibility and weather conditions. Impressive 21.5 nautical miles in 13 hours – a very … Read More