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How do you use SATCase?

How do you use SATCase?

A global-reaching satellite phone.

A useful communication tool for remote working.

A life-saving device.

All of the above rolled into one.

There’s no doubt SATcase performs a unique – and vital – role for explorers, adventurers and workers.

But how do you actually use it?


  1. Download the SATcase app onto any smartphone
  2. Pair the smartphone to the SATcase via Bluetooth
  3. Follow the on-screen set-up procedure & buy airtime
  4. Insert smartphone into the SATcase and off you go!


The revolutionary SATcase transforms ANY smartphone into a rugged and robust satellite phone.

Anyone can use it. Anywhere in the world. Any time.

Insert a smart phone into the main SATcase handset to pair via Bluetooth, and communicate using our exclusive App.

Basically, it turns your Smartphone into a satellite phone.

It also features track & trace functionality, silent alarms an infrared strobe light and an Emergency SOS function – using GEOS, the world leaders in global search and rescue.

Suitable for use with any Android (Samsung etc) or iOS (Apple) operating system, SATcase taps into the Iridium Satellite network to provide worldwide network coverage.

Originally built by Motorola in the 1990s, the Iridium Satellite Network was designed to reach the highest altitudes and farthest flung places on the planet.

Unfortunately, Motorola overestimated demand and its airtime charges were too expensive - so the holding company went bankrupt.

The formation of Iridium Satellite LLC saw the costly satellite network change ownership and it remains in orbit delivering pole-to-pole coverage.

Today the network is used by explorers, search & rescue teams and military units.

SATcase keeps you connected when Mother Nature has other plans.

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