Day 18 – Powering On

Powering on Excellent day today covering 20.5 nautical miles in 13 hours. Really pushed on with the snow becoming firmer underfoot allowing Baz to pick up the pace. Poor visibility at the start of the day improved later in the … Read More

Strong winds dictatate Day 17

15.4 nautical miles covered. Weather conditions have been clear all day with firm ground. Moderate sastrugi all day and very strong head winds pf 40-50mph. Temperatures down to -10—15 and -25 with wind chill – the worst yet. It’s been … Read More

Day 16 -Toughest day yet

  Today has been the toughest yet. Started with good weather conditions but then deteriorated and was so tough after three hours Baz had to stop and put up is tent and rest for three hours until the snow had … Read More

Day 15 – Improved visibility

Day 15 has been much better with visibility lifting after the first few hours. Temperature -12 and wind 5-10mph. Baz is settling into a good routine and covered a fantastic 16.8 nautical miles today in 11 hours. To date Baz … Read More

Day 14 – Hard slog

Weather conditions are hostile and unrelenting with a complete whiteout all day and zero visibility. Soft snow underfoot has also made today extremely hard work for Baz. Forecast is similar for the next three days so this is a key … Read More

Day 13 – Hardest day

It’s been a really tough day for Baz on day 13: Antarctica continues to unleash the full force of her most testing weather. Today he has battled complete whiteout conditions with the weather deteriorating all day. His morale is lower … Read More

Day 12 – Storming ahead

Storming ahead Baz has powered ahead today covering 18.1 nautical miles (20.8 normal miles) in 11.5 hours. A fantastic day skiing with excellent visibility but strong head winds and moderate sastrugi slowing Baz down a little. Much colder temperatures today … Read More

Day eleven – A Good Day

Another record distance covered today of 17 nautical miles (19.5 normal miles) in 11 hours. Impressive stuff from Baz especially during a morning of yet more poor visibility. Antarctica switched the lights on this afternoon though with clear skies and … Read More

Day ten – Heading 82 South

Great conditions this morning with clear skies however whiteout set in again in the afternoon and then cleared for the final hour of the day. Whiteout and soft snow conditions appear to be the norm for Baz’s Challenge Antarctica which … Read More

Day nine – Beautiful day

  Day nine started with more bad weather and soft snow underfoot but as the day went on the skies cleared and it finished a beautiful day in Antarctica. The snow is also getting firmer which is helping Baz to … Read More