Important role of Iridium Satellite Phones

It’s been a long time that satellites communication systems and phones are in existence, but not many know about them. ‘Satphones’ are mobiles that connect to orbiting satellites. The hand held ones were in vogue at one time, which ultimately gave way to the first of its type- iridium satellite phones. Meant for providing ‘planetary coverage’, this satellite constellation has about 77 active satellites. All these are known to orbit the earth from one pole to the other and with extremities in temperatures and climatic conditions, the hostile Antarctica environment makes the perfect ground for SATcase. Besides, a partnership has happened with the regimental sergeant, Major Barry Gray (Baz Gray) who is working on ‘The challenge Antarctica’ project. At present, the iridium satellite constellation comprises 66 activate satellite in the orbit of low earth situated at a height close to 485 miles.

Even for simple recreational activities like voice and data work, mountain hiking, sailing and the like, satellite phones are indispensable. Iridium satellite phone works in the remotest zones, which is a plus factor. Among the handheld products, ‘Iridium 9555’ and ‘Iridium Extreme’ are popular, both of which are known to have about 30 hours of standby and 4 hours of talk time. As the name implies, Iridium Extreme stands out in comparison to its counterpart for having many added facilities. This includes email messaging power; GPS enabled location services and Google Mapping. Another item that has taken the market by storm is truly innovative, called ‘Iridium GO’. This has a unique ability to transform smart phones into satellite phones. Presently, the new iridium satellite phone is compatible with Android and Apple. This includes extension of connection, optimizing users for SMS, voice services, emails, Wi-Fi radius for up to five devices, weather checking and so on.

It was on November 1, 1998 that Iridium communications came to the forefront and then went for Chapter 11 bankruptcies the next year. The iridium satellite phones suffered too. All these were largely due to the lack in demand for their service and inefficient management. The pricing fixed for the equipment and services was also considerably high. And company officials failed to see that the range exceeded that of the affordability for majority of customers. Thankfully, a lot has improved over the years. In 2004, the company saw better days. The old Iridium that offered hand held phones were manufactured by Motorola and Kyocera. Now most are no longer in production. So test your satellite phone and see how far it lives to the present standards.

The new company has made tremendous upgrades and it’s gone truly global. So, it definitely makes sense to invest in the new ones.

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