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Which satellite network does SATcase operate on?

SATcase uses the constantly-available Iridium Satellite Network, which was designed and built by Motorola in the 1990s, to provide any smartphone with connection anywhere in the world.

Used by global explorers, journalists, search & rescue teams and the military; its network of 66 orbiting satellites provide pole-to-pole coverage, picking up signal within seconds.

How do satellite phone calls work on the APP?

Users can make satellite calls in the same way they would when making a terrestrial call, but when there is no GSM signal, SATcase takes over and prompts the user to call via satellite connectivity.

Do texts & calls get charged to my existing phone bill?

The SATcase uses a separate satellite SIM card in the device, which requires its own contract with SATcase Ltd.

How long does the battery last?

When in "Standby" with its SOS reserve function switched on, it will last for 40 hours. However, it can operate for 50 hours when the reserve is off. A full battery will provide 5 hours of talk time. Plugging the SATcase into a mains outlet or solar-powered charger will allow the device to charge.

Can I change the battery when it runs out of power?

The SATcase has a USB-C power input that can be charged by any household power supply, portable battery chargers or portable solar chargers.

Can I use it indoors or inside a vehicle, vessel or aircraft?

Satellite phones need clear sight of the satellites to work. The SATcase can either be connected to an external antenna or kept outside and used as a hotspot to a smartphone located indoors.

Can SATcase be used with more than one smartphone?

SATcase is designed to work with any iOS or Android smartphone. No matter how many people are in your group, they should all be able to connect to the device.

Does SATcase protect my smartphone from damage?

The SATcase is designed to securely clamp to the user's smartphone and personal protective phone case. This enables the user to protect their own smartphone to the degree they require. Joining the two devices as one will result in one ruggedised bit of kit.

Is SATcase waterproof?

SATcase is designed to meet the international Ingress Protection (IP68) rating. This means it is proven to be resistant to submersion in water up to a maximum depth of 1.5m for up to thirty minutes.

Is SATcase shockproof?

Designed to meet the tough MIL-STD-810G design specification, SATcase can withstand penetration from the harshest environments – including dirt, dust and sand.

Its electronics and technology have been tested to guarantee they can cope with fluctuations in heat and cold, shock, vibration, humidity and a whole lot more.

In what temperature range can I use the SATcase?

SATcase can remain fully operational in temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +55 °C. It can also cope with being stored in conditions from -20 °C to +70 °C.

Can I attach it to body webbing and other equipment?

SATcase can mount to a range of equipment including webbing and other mounting devices.

Can I wear gloves to operate the SATcase?

SATcase has a smooth front screen which can be operated using a bare finger or with touchscreen gloves. When using the SATcase App, its buttons are the same size or larger than those on a normal smartphone screen.

Do I need my smartphone to operate the SATcase?

The SATcase can work as a hotspot to your smartphone or as an isolated satellite phone. The SATcase has its own screen, controls, and SOS button. The SATcase can receive calls directly from hardware and can pre-program up to 5 phone numbers which can also be called from the hardware.

Can I use my own airtime?

The SATcase is only compatible with SIM cards supplied by SATcase Ltd.

Can I buy rescue insurance?

Yes, you can buy this from our product services and checkout page.

What temperatures can the SATcase withstand?

The SATcase storage temperature is -20 °C to +70 °C and its operative temperature is: -10 °C to +55 °C.

SATcase keeps you connected when Mother Nature has other plans.

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