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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What is SATcase?

SATcase is a satellite communication handset that interfaces with mobile/cell phones via Bluetooth to allow the user to continue communication wherever they may be; even without mobile phone signal.

Does SATcase protect both devices, my phone and the satellite handset?

As well as advanced electronic component technology to enable SATcase to communicate via satellites, SATcase is also a ruggedly built device designed to protect your mobile/cell phone INSIDE the case. This will enable you to take it to the harshest of environments.

How does the SATcase handset work with my mobile phone?

The handset communicates with the user’s mobile phone via Bluetooth.  The user downloads the SATcase App from the App Store then pairs their mobile phone to the SATcase.  The mobile phone is then inserted into a Sleeve that fits inside the SATcase main unit.

What operating systems will the SATcase interface with on my mobile device?

Both Apple and Android (e.g. Samsung) operating systems will interface with the SATcase via Bluetooth.

I have 2 mobile/cell phones, can I use both with the SATcase?

Yes, as long as the mobile/cell phone is operating on iOS or Android and it is on the mobile/cell phone supported list, then you can use both phones independently with the case. The only thing you need to check is if the Sleeve can accommodate both phone types. If they are different phone types, then an additional Sleeve can be purchased for other phone types from the SATcase store.

  • iPhone 1 Sleeve:   iPhone 6, 7, 8
  • iPhone 2 Sleeve: iPhone X
  • Android 1 Sleeve: Samsung Galaxy S6 & S7, Nokia 5 & 6, HTC One A9S
  • Android 2 Sleeve: Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Android 3 Sleeve: Google Pixel 2, Nokia 7 & 8
Will the sleeve protect my mobile phone from damage?

Yes, once the phone is placed inside the sleeve and the sleeve is securely connected to the main unit, the whole device is protected from even the harshest environments.

How do I operate my mobile/cell phone when it is inside the SATcase?

The SATcase has a hardened clear touchscreen on the front that connects tightly against the mobile/cell phone screen when it is fitted inside the sleeve. The user can then operate the mobile/cell phone as normal.

How does the SATcase handset interface with my mobile phone?

The handset communicates with the user’s mobile phone via Bluetooth.  The user downloads the SATcase App from the App Store then pairs their mobile phone to the SATcase.  The mobile phone is then inserted into a Sleeve that fits inside the SATcase main unit.

Can I wear gloves to operate the SATcase?

The SATcase front screen can be operated by bare finger or with touchscreen gloves. The buttons on the SATcase App are the same size or larger than the buttons on a normal mobile/cell phone screen.

What type of damage will the SATcase withstand?

The SATcase has been manufactured to withstand being immersed in water for up to 30 minutes at 1.5 metres depth and will withstand the fiercest of sandstorms.   SATcase will also withstand vibrations and clumsy drops – keeping your phone safe inside at all times.

Can I attach the SATcase to my kit bag or body webbing?

Yes, the SATcase has a large recess at the top for Security type clip or carabiner to be attached.

How do Satellite calls work?

Just like normal!   The user chooses a contact to call or text and then extends the SATcase antenna.  Once a satellite signal is received, the user can communicate in a similar way to making a normal call or sending a text.

Do the SATcase texts/calls get billed via my mobile/cell company?

No, the SATcase comes with a pre-installed Satellite SIM card.  Separate airtime is purchased which enables the SATcase to communicate via satellite.

Which satellite network does the SATcase work on?

The SATcase works on the Iridium satellite network which is a true pole-to-pole communication network.  Communication can be made anywhere around the globe.   Just raise the antenna on the SATcase and point it to the sky and it will pick up one of the many orbiting Iridium satellites in seconds.

Can I use the SATcase indoors or in a vehicle?

Yes, just unscrew the top of the antenna from the SATcase and an external cable can be connected onto the unit’s SMA connector, so that an externally mounted Iridium satellite antenna on a building, vehicle, ship or aircraft can be used instead.

In what temperature range can I use the SATcase?

The SATcase will operate between -20 and +55 degrees Celsius.   If your mobile/cell phone can operate at these extremes, then you will still be able to make calls and send texts via satellite.  Please refer to your mobile/cell manufacturer's handbook for their operating temperature range.

Please note, the SATcase will not extend your mobile/cell phone operating temperature limits.

Can I charge my mobile phone whilst it is located inside the SATcase?

Yes, the mobile phone and the SATcase will both be charged when the SATcase is plugged into a mains outlet.

Can I change the battery when it runs out of power?

Yes, additional batteries can be purchased from the SATcase store and interchanged to ensure the operational life of the SATcase is extended when you know you aren't going to be near a charging point anytime soon. 

What other primary functions does the SATcase provide?

The SATcase has an emergency SOS button integrated into the main case.   When the button is pressed, GPS information identifying your exact location is transmitted over satellite to a 24/7 SOS operations help desk, which will liaise with local Search and Rescue teams to come and find you, wherever you are in the world.

Are there other features associated with the SOS feature as well?

Yes, the SATcase unit has 3 LED’s on the rear of the unit that can transmit in white, green and infrared to alert people nearby of your location.  These LED’s are controlled from the main unit or the SATcase app on your mobile/cell phone and can be used constantly or as a strobe.

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