Day six – Steady pace

Day six – Steady pace
The weather has been consistent for Baz since the start of this challenge and day six started much the same with poor conditions. The first half of the day was a whiteout with soft snow underfoot continuing to make the surface challenging and it hard to determine the definition of the ground. Strong winds added to the mix have continued to test Baz’s resolve but a Royal never gives in and he’s stormed ahead covering another 12 nautical miles which is well over a half marathon in normal mileage so impressive in difficult conditions.

Antarctica finally cut Baz some slack by the end of the day bringing full visibility and no wind. Temperature is minus 10 and Baz is pleased to report he has crossed another degree line and his co-ordinates at the end of day six S 81.02.2435 W 80.08.1125. Confidence and morale remain good and Baz is hoping to start covering more distance as the ground firms up. All his kit is working well and performing under some of Antarctica’s most gruelling weather.

Track his progress at and @jottnar @toshibatec @patroncapitalpartner @thermcharity @Antarctic_ALE #challengeanctartica #r3challenge #resilientreliableruggedised

Photo credit: Jason Howard Photography



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