Day seven – The lights are on!



Today has been the toughest day yet with soft snow conditions continuing to test Baz’s strength and resilience. Pulling the pulk is proving to be extremely difficult but Baz is battling on. He has covered 10.5 nautical miles in 11 hours and continues to impress with his positive attitude, concentrating on the challenge ahead. Morale levels remain high and he is pleased with the distance covered and morale is good with his body moving well and in good order thanks to all the training that has prepared him for this challenge. Pleased to report that snow conditions aside, day seven has brought perfect weather conditions with blue skies and no wind. Baz describes it like someone has switched the light on the moon. The beauty of Antarctica is a sight Baz is very pleased to see and it is helping power him on. Location co-ordinates at the end of the day are S 81.12.35 W 80.17.26. In total Baz has covered 81 nautical miles which converts to 93.2 normal miles.

A big shout out to Jottnar whose clothing is performing brilliantly for Baz.

Track Baz’s progress at

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Photo credit: Jason Howard Photography

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