Day four whiteout returns


Day four Challenge Antarctica: Whiteout returns!

Whiteout conditions return, making visibility poor. It is tough with the pulk – the sheer weight of it and trying to move it has been made harder with soft snow conditions; giving our former Royal Marine Commando very difficult and testing conditions. While in the Royal Marines Baz spent a year in Antarctica as the cold weather expert to the Royal Navy’s HMS Endurance. He was responsible for training and equipping the 120-strong crew. He will be drawing on his experience and knowledge to keep mentally and physically strong and as a result on day three has powered ahead, completing 14 nautical miles and feels comfortable.

The kit that Baz is using is playing a crucial role especially during these harsh conditions. It is the kit and the kit alone that keeps you alive when the serious Antarctic weather wants to hit you with all she has got. It’s not just about having the right kit though, it’s also ensuring you know how to use it.

Every item has been tested and tested to ensure Baz is happy and there are a few new additions that he is using for the first time on a major expedition. One of these is his communication device called Satcase which means all communications both data and voice are being made via this. SATcase uses advanced satellite communications technology designed to operate with your smartphone. It has transformed Baz’s mobile phone into a ruggedised global satellite phone and as a result the SATcase final production unit is enabling Baz to use his mobile phone to talk anywhere in the world via Satellite. It has been performing well and helping us to keep in touch with Baz and learn more about his progress and how he is feeling.

Track Baz Gray’s progress on Challenge Antarctica at
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