Day five – Battling on

Day five – Battling on
Baz Gray continues to face gruelling weather conditions in Antarctica. His 10.5 hours of effort on the snow have clocked up an impressive 11 nautical miles at the end of day five.

Conditions remain testing and Baz has pushed on despite complete whiteout conditions, gale force winds all day and battling sastrugi. Antarctica is unleashing some of her harshest weather and forcing Baz to muster all his mental and physical strength. We are delighted to report his morale continues to be high and he is pleased with the distance covered considering the conditions are heavy going. Physically Baz is feeling good and demonstrating the true worth of his pre-challenge training and preparations. He is confident the soft snow conditions will ease up as he heads nearer the South Pole as colder temperatures will harden the snow.

4th December starts with a phone call using SATcase to check in with the SATcase team and wish his son Steven a very Happy 23rd Birthday. A personal message: “Steven I hope you have a great day. Happy 23rd Birthday from Antarctica!”

Today’s efforts are for you Steven. Fuelled with scrambled eggs and bacon, Baz commences day six on the 4th December and hopes the weather conditions will be a little kinder today!

Track his progress at and
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Photo credit: Jason Howard Photography



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