Day 37 – Highest Point Above Sea Level

Challenge Antarctica Day 37 – Location co-ordinates S 89.20.429 W 080.36.472. Today has been a good weather day with great visibility and firm ground with temperatures plummeting to -25 degrees. It’s been a long slow plod across flat terrain covering 20.5 nautical miles in 13 miles. Morale is high knowing the South Pole is edging ever nearer. Reached the highest point today of 2800 metres above sea level. Slightly downhill push from now and hoping to reach the end goal in the next two days.

As Baz closes in on his goal we’d like to remind everyone on why he is doing this challenge to raise awareness and fundraise for The Royal Marines Charity which aims to provide the best possible through life charitable support for Royal Marines, their families, veterans and cadets
Royal Marine Commandos have always been the first to understand, first to adapt and respond and the first to overcome – that’s the Commando Mindset but today Royal Marines and their families are fighting battles they cannot win alone. @thermcharity is uniquely placed to understand, respond and react, enabling Marines and their families to overcome their challenges including life changing injury, life limiting illness, mental disability, transition to civilian life and even poverty.

To donate please go to
Track Baz’s progress at @satcase
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Photo credit: Jason Howard Photography

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