Day 35 – Dig Deep

Day 35 – Location 88.39.000 W082.40.364. Fantastic day weather wise but extremely cold. However, the relentless pushing through the snow is really taking its toll on Baz’s physical well being and he’s still feeling very fatigued. His R3 resilience is shining through as he is determined to hit his target of finishing the challenge next week and has completed a very impressive 21 nautical miles in 14 hours. It is now that Baz’s extensive preparation work is showing its worth as his mental and physical resolve are being tested as he edges nearer to his end goal.

Baz had a strict physical and mental training programme which started 12 months ago. Activities included real time training in Norway on regular occasions and back home a mixture of long runs on Dartmoor and some brutal tractor tyre pulling twice a week to gym-based work with great friend and former Royal Marine Commando Dean Burchell. Nutrition has also been a key factor with Baz purposely putting on weight for the challenge consuming a total of 5000 calories a day to help equip his body for the gruelling conditions in Antarctica which are seeing him burn up to 10,000 calories on a typical tough day.

Challenge Antarctica is part of the SATcase R3 Challenge which is all about achieving your goals in a remote and challenging environment that is outside of reliable phone coverage. Professional explorers like Baz push the limits of physical, mental and technological capabilities to achieve success. #SatcaseR3Challenge #RUR3Ready #resilientreliableruggedised

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Challenge Antarctica and the SATcase R3 Challenge are raising money for The Royal Marines Charity. To donate please go to


Photo credit: Jason Howard Photography

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