Day 33 – New Year

No spectacular firework displays or party celebrations for Baz in Antarctica on New Year’s Eve but the last day of 2018 has been an excellent day. 20.3 nautical miles in 13.5 hours and he has traversed the worst of the sastrugi. Baz is now high up on the polar plateau. Clear skies with very cold temperatures of -20 degrees have helped Baz to really push on. As a result the snow underfoot is fairly flat and firm.

Happy New Year to everyone back home and Baz is very thankful for all the support and well wishes. It means a lot to have such great backing from his family, friends and sponsors. @satcase @jottnar @toshibatec @patroncapitalpartner @thermcharity @Antarctic_ALE @thebaton_official #challengeantarctica

A big thank you also to everyone that has donated so far to Baz’s chosen charity The Royal Marines Charity. To donate please go to

Location co-ordinates at the end of Day 33 S 88.02.477 W 080.04.518

Photo credit: Jason Howard Photography

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