Day 31 – Battling Sastrugi

Today’s story on day 31 of Challenge Antarctica is all about sastrugi and low visibility. Sastrugi are these waves of frozen snow and Baz has battled through it pretty much all day. Most of the day was good weather but towards the end low visibility kicked in making it slow going. Very, very tough conditions to pull through the sastrugi because you hit these wavelike ridges of snow and you are falling over them practically. Baz was mentally prepared to hit this challenge and has clocked up 18.7 nautical miles today in 12 hours. Morale levels are high and Baz is feeling good with his body working well and feeling strong. Location co-ordinates S 87.21.90 W 080.53.667

Challenge Antarctica and the SATcase R3 Challenge are raising money for The Royal Marines Charity. To donate please go to

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Photo credit: Jason Howard Photography

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