Day 30- Climbing


20 nautical miles covered on Day 30 of Challenge Antarctica in 12 solid hours. Baz has now passed over the 87 degree line with co-ordinates at the end of the day S 87.03.417 W 081.53.358. Another good weather day with the snow firm under foot thanks to the dropping temperatures. This part of the challenge is a constant climb now over 2000m above sea level. Tomorrow there is big sastrugi ahead but Baz’s morale continues to be good and he’s working and pushing really hard, aiming to hopefully reach the South Pole by 7th January.

Baz’s endeavours have been featured on the front page of the Tavistock Times –

Baz would also like to congratulate Lou Rudd @louisrudd who has arrived safely at the end of his journey on Dec 28, and joined Colin O’Brady on the Ross Ice Shelf. They have become the first two people in human history to traverse Antarctica solo, unsupported and unassisted.

Track Baz’s progress at @satcase

Challenge Antarctica and the SATcase R3 Challenge are raising money for The Royal Marines Charity. To donate please go to

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Photo credit: Jason Howard Photography

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