SATcase – Cheapest Satellite Phone to Hit the Market?

Even the cheapest satellite phones make it possible for people to still communicate with the rest of the world even when they are in remote locations. Whether you are sailing, hiking or exploring some of those remote parts of the globe, satellite phones help send and receive text messages, make calls and access the internet. While many people would want to acquire a satellite phone, the exorbitant prices often make people consider against it. This is, in part, why the introduction of SATcase, a satellite case that turns a smartphone into a satellite phone is such a game changer. This new device changes the sat phone landscape and may now be the cheapest satellite phone to hit the market.

The powerful work tool is a satellite communications gadget that operates at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. This game-changing device transforms your phone into a rugged global satellite phone so that you can stay in constant, uninterrupted communication from anywhere the world over. SATcase offers unique features for aviators, lone workers, mariners and adventurers. It has an SOS button, silent alarms, infrared strobes, online track and trace, and two-way rescue communications. Indeed, SATcase is a reliable phone for emergency situations.

SATcase works anywhere, allowing people who like going off the grid to still have a way to communicate with friends and loved ones as well as government authorities in the event of an emergency. This satellite phone joins a list of other satellite phones in the market, including iridium extreme, iridium 9555, iridium 9575, and inmarsat isatphone. Like any other Iridium phone, SATcase has a long battery life, external antenna, and improved internet-quality connectivity. Through the robust Iridium satellite network, you get coverage throughout the United States, Canada and the rest of the world.

You can add prepaid voice minutes at as low as £88 per month for 75 minutes. The SATcase has Wi Fi and Bluetooth capabilities giving you data access even in the remotest parts of the world. SATcase has partnered with Baz Gray, a former Royal Marine Commando to test the limits of the cell phone in his Antarctica expedition that will kick off in November, 2019. The affordable satellite phone will be one of the powerful tech tools Mr. Gray will use in The Challenge Antarctica project. He will test its toughness in the harsh Antarctica environment. You can preorder the satellite phone at only £1,299.00 and get ready to enjoy dependable communication services all across the globe.

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