Challenge Antarctica

An epic undertaking

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Challenge Antarctica

Challenge Antarctica

SATcase’s very own Barry Gray (Baz Gray), former Royal Marine Commando, Regimental Sergeant Major is set to embark on his own exciting R3 Challenge expedition: Challenge Antarctica. Extreme temperatures and a hostile Antarctic environment are set to be the ultimate testing ground for SATcase.

The Challenge

Baz Gray will undertake the adventure of a lifetime over the next two Antarctic summers, consisting of two stages.

Phase one 2018 - 2019

Baz Gray will ski, solo, unsupported and unassisted from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole. This is a great run out and test for a much longer journey the following year. He aims to complete the 715 mile journey as quickly as possible.

Phase two – 2019-2020

On successful completion of journey one Baz will then prepare and attempt phase two: To successfully cross the Entire Antarctic Continent starting from the North side of Berkner Island on the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole and then continuing to the Ross Ice Shelf via the Shackleton Glacier and onto the edge of the ice. This will be done solo and without any support including the use of kites and resupply and covers 1600 miles over 90 days. This will start in November 2019 and aims to be completed by the end of January 2020.

Who is involved

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Patrons & Ambassadors

Challenge Antarctica is endorsed by three highly respected members of the adventure community. We are proud that Alexandra Shackleton is our Patron and that Tim Jarvis and Lt General E Davis are Ambassadors. Please click here for further information about Baz’s patrons and ambassadors


Charitable fundraising

SATcase R3 Challenge is delighted to support the below charities and raise awareness. Please click here to find out more information and how to donate.

The Royal Marines Charity

Children’s Mental Health Foundation

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