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Iridium Phone – A New Frontier In Satellite Communications

We are prone to experience communication challenge anytime anywhere, and this is where you need an iridium phone. The iridium phone offers adequate satellite communications across the globe, and you can track yourself in real time using GPS. Iridium 9555 … Read More

Things About Satellite Phone Costs You Must Know

Satellite phones have been around a long time. They connect to satellites rather than towers, and are transmitted far above the earth. These phones shine in remote areas without reliable landline or cellular coverage. Government and public safety agencies, aviation, … Read More

Are Satellite Phones as Popular as Cellular Phones

Satellite phones are mostly used in areas with geographical difficulties, during military and rescue operations. People living in regions that have high occurrences of natural calamities also prefer having these phones in their homes. Their usage is reliable in such … Read More

What Is A Satellite Phone | SATcase Satellite Phone

If you ask most people what is a satellite phone, they will probably be unable to give you a clear answer. A satellite phone is a mobile device that receives its signal from satellites orbiting the earth to provide voice, … Read More

SATcase – Cheapest Satellite Phone to Hit the Market?

Even the cheapest satellite phones make it possible for people to still communicate with the rest of the world even when they are in remote locations. Whether you are sailing, hiking or exploring some of those remote parts of the … Read More

Why You Should Consider Getting a Sat Phone

A sat phone is one of the things that you should not miss out in your emergency toolbox. This is because it will function even when the regular cellular networks are inaccessible. Unlike the cellular phone which transmits signals via … Read More

Important role of Iridium Satellite Phones

It’s been a long time that satellites communication systems and phones are in existence, but not many know about them. ‘Satphones’ are mobiles that connect to orbiting satellites. The hand held ones were in vogue at one time, which ultimately … Read More