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Apple & Android compatible
Sleek compact design
Continuous WiFi connection

Transform any smartphone into a global satellite phone.

Connect instantly. Stay in constant communication. Send an SOS.

Trusted by explorers, risk-takers and remote workers. All over the world.

Stay in touch no matter where you are in the world.

Connectivity. Safety. Security. Reassurance in an emergency.

There when you need it most. Ideal for multiple users.

Global satellite technology for constant, reliable communication.

Communicate and survive in the most testing environments.

Unrivalled worldwide connectivity

Combine your smartphone with the world’s best satellite network

Slip any smartphone into SATcase and transform it into a satellite phone. Enjoy pole-to-pole connectivity. Make and receive calls, texts or emails.

A next-generation global communication device. Used by aviators, explorers, extreme sports enthusiasts, mariners, the military, remote workers & more.

Sleek and stylish. Rugged and robust. SATcase won't let you down. Enjoy an instant WiFi hotspot. Provide your smartphone with continuous global connectivity. Or use as a stand-alone satellite phone.

Featuring an easy-to-operate LCD screen and highly-accurate GPS location data transmission, making routine updates or calls is simple. Should an emergency arise, you’ll be notified when help is on the way.

Don’t stress if your smartphone battery runs out. SATcase can store five pre-installed numbers so you can make that important call.

Let someone know you're running late. Remain fully operational. Send an SOS. Unrivalled connectivity and reassurance.

Satellite phone. GPS transmitter. LED flashlight. Infrared strobe light. Two-way Search & Rescue device. SATcase is all your emergency survival tools rolled into one.

Robust and reliable, it’s the ultimate modern day survival tool. Any situation. Any time. Any worldwide location.

Always connected. Anywhere in the world.

Thrive & survive in the most extreme conditions

Rugged and robust, SATcase is designed to meet the international IP68 rating and MIL-STD-810G specification - so it can cope with the harshest environments. Tough and durable. Tried. Tested. Trusted. To military standards.

SATcase Features

  • No retractable antenna: Compact and easy to carry, SATcase is the first satellite communication device without a visible antenna.
  • Emergency SOS button: Integrated into the main case and linked to GEOS International Emergency Response or preferred other provider.
  • Transmits GPS location data: Support teams or relatives can log-on via an account to instantly locate users.
  • Two-way rescue communication: Receive and make calls. With or without a smartphone.
  • Built-in strobe light and torch: Easily alert Search & Rescue teams to pinpoint your exact whereabouts.
  • Always online: Provides constant Wi-Fi connectivity. Acts as a hotspot. Works with any device - smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The Benefits

Stay calm in an emergency

Issue an SOS to alert Search & Rescue teams – even without a smartphone connection. Feel safe and get notified when help is on its way.

Global reaching network

Connect anywhere at any time via the Iridium Satellite Network, the world’s only proven pole-to-pole communication solution.

Always in reach

Keep in touch with updates and remain in constant communication – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Robust and reliable

Designed to meet IP68 and MIL-STD-810G specifications, there’s no need to worry about what Mother Nature throws at you.

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How SATcase works

Fast set up & easy to use*


Download the SATcase app onto any smartphone


Pair the smartphone to the SATcase via Wi-Fi


Follow the simple on-screen set-up procedure


Clamp smartphone into the SATcase and off you go!

*Airtime agreement required for full functionality

“SATcase is a vital tool for anyone who needs to stay connected when it matters most”
Dee Caffari MBE

State-of-the-art technology supporting the greatest explorers


The popular TV presenter and former British Military man has rowed the Atlantic, skied to the North Pole and canoed the length of the Yukon River.


Successfully became the first woman to sail single-handedly around the world – in both directions.


The four-man team of serving and former Royal Marines rowed 3,700 miles completely unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean.


The former Royal Marine Commando completed a solo trek to the South Pole, a 730-mile journey with no support or assistance.


Successfully competed in the Vendee Globe Race – a single-handed and continuous round-the-world race in a 60ft yacht.


To achieve ‘The Longest Flight’, the team spent four months on an expedition – covering 27,000 miles over more than 30 different countries.

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