Essential technology to stay in constant, continuous
communication wherever you are in the world.
Your smartphone transformed into
a ruggedised global satellite phone.


Advanced satellite communications technology designed to operate with your smartphone.

*Note: SATcase will operate at temperatures between -20 and +55 degrees Celsius, however some mobile handsets do not operate to these extremes.
Please check the mobile manufacturer’s specifications for operating temperatures.

The SOS functionality of the SATcase will operate independently without a mobile phone connected or operating with the SATcase.

Satcase Product front
Satcase Product rear
Satcase Product rear interior
Challenge Antarctica

Challenge Antarctica

SATcase’s very own Barry Gray (Baz Gray), former Royal Marine Commando, Regimental Sergeant Major has completed Phase one of his own exciting R3 Challenge expedition on 6th January 2019: Challenge Antarctica. Extreme temperatures and a hostile Antarctic environment have been the ultimate testing ground for SATcase.

Your smartphone combined with the world's best satellite network. The next generation in staying connected.