Maintain communication all over the world with SATcase and its truly global satellite communication coverage enabling you to call or text from anywhere in the world.

Seamlessly use your own smartphone with our easy to use app which enables you to access your phonebook contacts and previous messages.

The SATcase has an SOS function which alerts search and rescue to your location if you find yourself in difficulty. The SATcase also has an LED light and global tracking service. The SATcase meets safety standards of IP 68 and MIL10

Ideal for many sectors including adventurers, search and rescue, oil and gas and aid workers.

Features and benefits include:

  • Use your own smartphone seamlessly
  • No need to transfer existing contacts to another device
  • No need to carry multiple, seperate devices
  • Fits comfortably in your jacket pocket or bag
  • Maintain communications even in the worlds most remote places
  • Ruggedised construction which seals against the elements
  • Two-way rescue communications
  • On-line track and trace
  • Emergency alert available even without smartphone available
  • Own internal battery extends smartphone battery life or to use in emergency

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