Who are SATcase.


SATcase are a product development company designing the future of satellite technology.

Their first product, The SATcase will be launched in autumn 2017.

The SATcase is a revolutionary piece of equipment that transforms the common smartphone into a satellite communications device.


The Catalyst, Baird Lane, Heslington,

YO10 5GA


Company Details

Industry: Telecommunications
Size: 1-10 Employees

Providing Solutions to…

Mobile, Satellite, Telecoms, Search & Rescue, Health & Safety, Security, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Wind Farm, Energy, Aviation, Marine, Transport, Military, Government, Non-Goverment

Launching in 2017

Smart Communications…

SATcase™ is a revolutionary device that transforms the common smartphone into a sophisticated satellite phone. After placing their smartphone into a durable, ruggedised case and installing the SATcase™ application, users can stay in touch with others no matter where they are in the world.

SATcase™ includes a smart mix of rescue and personal security features, enabling workers and individuals to remain in constant communication via voice, text and email, whilst being monitored and tracked outside of mobile phone coverage. A global communicator, powerful work tool and life-saving device in one, SATcase™ provides a unique set of services for adventurers, mariners, aviators, remote/lone workers and more…

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